Library quotes (1)

  • The only true equalisers in the world are books; the only treasure-house open to all comers is a library; the only wealth which will not decay is knowledge; the only jewel which you can carry beyond the grave is wisdom. – J. A. Langford

As true today as when written and aptly represents some of the core aspects of what for me libraries are about. Not only being universal and open to all but proactively serving the less advantaged, particularly around education and literacy, in order to be a ‘true equaliser’.

  • I find that a great part of the information I have was acquired by looking something up and finding something else on the way. – Franklin P. Adams

We often talk about the ‘brows-ability’ of libraries, just wandering amongst the shelves and seeing what grabs our fancy. I quite often start looking for one particular book or genre and come out with something completely, and enjoyably, different.

  • If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. – Cicero

A personal favourite of mine. Feed the body and feed the mind.

One comment

  1. I think the equaliser element of libraries is vital, especially with today’s widening gap between rich and poor. I can’t believe that it’s hardly ever mentioned in the national debate about public libraries, and it’s very topical at the moment with John Major’s recent comments about privately educated people running the country.


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