You say it best…!

There’s not much that I can add to the disappointing statement by SCL regarding the recent Cipfa figures that others haven’t already highlighted.

Even allowing for the fact that the SCL is part of the LGA the statement was misguided at best and disingenuous at worst, managing in one short phrase to offend not only library campaigners, but totally misrepresent the reality of what is happening for many at a local level. Perhaps it will be some comfort to those in Lincolnshire to know that their library service is being changed ‘in tune with local community need’…but somehow I doubt it!

That said, this was a no win situation in which the SCL were damned if they did or damned if they didn’t criticise the volunteer figures so perhaps they should have taken inspiration from the song lyrics, ‘you say it best when you say nothing at all’ or  for those of an older persuasion ‘silence is golden’.

The biggest disappointment is that although this is an official statement from SCL many individual heads of libraries will be just as dismayed as library campaigners.

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