It’s good to…listen

Martyn Wade has released a statement (reproduced below) to the effect that there will now be two separate proposals at the AGM in relation to the Governance model.

This is a commendable decision and shows that Council have listened to the concerns expressed by members. I am heartened that the issue has been debated so robustly and will continue to be so at the AGM. Such debate is necessary for the democratic wellbeing of the organisation and shows that people care strongly about the future direction of Cilip.

Equally, thanks should go to Martyn and the rest of Council for taking note and for being willing to amend proposals in light of the concerns raised. This sends a positive message that Cilip is a mature and democratic body that listens to its membership.

Governance Proposals

On behalf of CILIP Council I thought it would be helpful to summarise the decisions that CILIP members will be asked to make at the AGM on 20 September 2014 (with apologies to non-members).

I think that we can agree that we all want the best governance for CILIP for the future. However, it is clear that members hold differing views on what that means in practice, based on their personal experience and perspective.

In January CILIP Council consulted on a new model of governance. The consultation showed broad support for the model, as well as a new method of appointing Council and the President.

CILIP Council would have been rightly criticised if it had ignored the outcome of this consultation. However, feedback since has shown that some members have concerns over the proposed voting and appointment process and Council wanted to reflect this in the AGM motions.

Whilst this does make the process more complex, the clearest option is to separate the decision on the committee structure from that on the voting and appointment process for Council and the President.

At the AGM members will first be asked to consider whether to adopt a simplified committee structure that will provide a clearer, stronger way for members to determine CILIP policy and priorities. There have been few if any concerns raised over this proposal.

If this new committee structure is approved, there will be a second decision concerning the voting and appointment procedures for Council and President. This is the area where there has been much more debate. The choice will be whether to approve a new voting and appointment process, or retain the existing arrangement with a directly elected President and a smaller number of co-opted members. This allows those who supported the proposals during the consultation to have their say, and those who have expressed concerns to have theirs.

Further details can be found in Update and on the AGM pages of CILIP.

Information about the process that the governance project board used to develop the proposals can be found at where a response to a request for this information was posted last month.

From this point it is for members to vote and decide on the future governance of CILIP, and I and all of Council will be happy to work with the outcome of that vote.

Martyn Wade

Chair, CILIP Council

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