And the award goes to…

Alan Wylie recently suggested an alternative honours list and I was both flattered and amused to see my own name on it. The suggestion caused much hilarity in the household leading to comments such as I had more chance of being awarded a Blue Peter badge – which I have to say I would wear with pride!

There were some far more deserving suggestions such as Laura Swaffield and Ian Anstice. With Ian it might be more appropriate to bypass the honours list and move straight to canonisation for all the work he has done (I just hope that the recipient doesn’t have to have received his heavenly reward first!).

Anyway, staying in a rather frivolous mood Alan’s post did make me think that what we need is the library sector’s equivalent of the Golden Raspberry Awards. And just as the ‘razzies’ recognise the worst in film, perhaps we could recognise the ‘worse’ in public library provision. For instance:

  • Worse impression of a Minister for Culture would obviously go to Ed ‘crisis, what crisis?’ Vaizey
  • Worse funding opportunity I would nominate the Art Council’s grants for the arts libraries fund
  • And of course the worse innovation in library provision could go to…well to almost any authority that has replaced paid staff with volunteers!

Knowing the quick wit and ready repartee out there in library land I’m sure there are many other suggestions! What shape the award should take could also provide hours of fun and debate.

Perhaps Cilip could instigate it as part of the annual AGM. Let’s face it, it might even increase attendance! Anyone up for another tacky award ceremony?

One comment

  1. You say: “What shape the award should take could also provide hours of fun and debate.”

    Considerable hours of something akin to fun were had last year when the renaming/rebranding of CILIP was discussed ad nauseam by the profession. In fact the issue took over and swamped all others. So, though in imminent danger of being called a killjoy, I beg you all to limit such fun, in order to focus on this:

    Swansea wants Pub Libs renamed as ‘book clubs’ to make them “cheaper to run”

    Note that dozens of local authorities in England are doing the exact same thing, but continue to call these ‘Libraries’ — that’s as bad or worse.

    PLEASE, resist being *diverted* !


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